School Stakeholder Groups and their members

School stakeholder groups are committees established by the Trustees to provide oversight, support and challenge in relation to defined aspects of the work of schools.

School stakeholder groups are committees of the Board of Trustees and have responsibilities delegated to them by Trustees. Primarily to ensure HCAT policies and procedures are in place and are being implemented in their schools.

School stakeholder groups focus on the following areas:-

  • Curriculum
  • Premises, health and safety
  • Community engagement
  • Safeguarding
  • Special educational needs and disabilities

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • HCAT Signature

  • Staff CPD (As approved by the Board of Trustees Sept 2020.)

The specific responsibilities of the school stakeholder groups are set out in detail in the Scheme of Delegation.

Composition of School Stakeholder Groups

The composition of each local school stakeholder group is at the discretion of the trustees, whose main concern is to ensure local school stakeholder groups are effective in their role.

There may be differentiation between the local school stakeholder groups of schools that are performing well and those that are under-performing or require support

The schools stakeholder representatives and their attendance are in the documents below:

Dorchester Primary School Stakeholder Group:

Stakeholders Role Date of Appointment Appointed by

Meetings Attended


Anita Hoy Community 30/04/2019 Trust Board 2/2
Dorothy Sainty Community 15/10/2018 Trust Board 2/2
Deborah Leck Community  09/07/2020 Trust Board 2/2
Stuart Mills Headteacher N/A N/A 2/2
Jessica Gibson Staff  17/10/2019 Trust Board 1/2
Lisa Bell Clerk to the School Stakeholder Group N/A N/A 2/2
Nicola Van der Walt Deputy Head (Observer) N/A N/A 2/2

Further information:

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'Everyone is friendly and it’s a happy place'...

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