Our Vision & Values:

Our Vision:

“Working together in a safe and inclusive environment to develop creative, disciplined and aspirational pupils.”

Our Values:

Core to the success of our pupils and school, we have identified five values that underpin everything we do, and which we believe our children need to show in order to be successful in the future:

Respect: a feeling of admiration for others because of their good qualities, actions and achievements.

Resilience: the ability to cope when things don’t go as planned.

Empathy: being able to understand how someone else feels.

Tolerance: accepting and respecting other people for their differences.

Self-Belief: a belief in ones own ability to complete tasks and reach their goals.

Every child who attends Dorchester is given the best opportunities to thrive and develop the skills to go on and be successful, life-long learners.

We have developed an exciting, flexible curriculum which is tailored to the needs of our children; developing their knowledge, skills and understanding as well as providing a wide-range of enrichment opportunities to excite them. Our curriculum is mapped out carefully to ensure that there is a clear progression of skills

Our focus on basic skills ensures children are ‘Secondary ready’ when the leave us, ready to face the challenges of the next stage of their education.

We prioritise our children’s well-being and promote a real sense of belonging. We are well aware of the challenges our children face and have a strong pastoral team in place to help them overcome any difficulties.

We strive to develop inquisitive learners, who question the world around them and independently find solutions to problems. We expect our children to build resilience and confidence to enable them to face any challenge they come across.

We prepare our children for life in modern Britain by looking at the values that uphold our society and we allow children to discuss and express themselves in a safe non-judgemental environment.

The HCAT Signature

Promoting community,
Building effective relationships,
ownership of own actions,
resolving conflicts.

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– feel they belong
– have a voice and influence
– challenge appropriately
– understand fair process
– resolve conflicts
– take responsibility

Developing the ability to think, reason, problem solve and apply learning

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– are lifelong learners
– have a growth mindset
– can apply knowledge skills and understanding
– are ready for the next stage

Promoting character traits to deal with the challenges of life.

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– demonstrate the appropriate key character virtues particularly resilience and resourcefulness
– contribute positively to the community
– have a social conscience
– are responsible citizens

Developing the value of self and others, enabling a social and emotional place to learn.

HCAST Signature:
Community members;
– have a strong identity
– are happy and secure
– are able to empathise and care for others
– value self and others

Facilitating a broad range of experience and opportunities to open doors

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– are able to broaden horizons
– shape their own mindset
– make informed choices
– have equal opportunities

‘At Dorchester, things are always fair’…

Pupil's comments

‘Everyone is friendly and it’s a happy place’…

Pupil's comments

‘We learn something new every day and it’s really exciting and fun’…

Pupil's comments

‘We like the teachers because they are really kind, smart, fair and helpful. They inspire us every day’…

Pupil's comments

‘I like it when we are learning new things’…

Pupil's comments

‘We get the opportunity to make new friends’…

Pupil's comments

‘We love dinner times – the dinner ladies make lovely food’…

Pupil's comments

‘I like how the teachers are very nice. Dorchester is special to me’…

Pupil's comments

‘I like it when Mr Mills comes and says “Hello” ‘…

Pupil's comments

‘Every single person in the school is really friendly’…

Pupil's comments

‘Teachers make lessons fun’…

Pupil's comments