Pupil Leadership

Our pupils are our asset and it is our aim to provide them with the necessary opportunities and skills to go on and be leaders in their own right.

There are a number of roles that our children can apply to take on which allows them to contribute to the successful running of our school. Our pupil voice matters to us and we want our children to be confident enough to make suggestions about how our school could be even better.


School Councillors:

Name Year
Harleigh F & Jenson F Year 1
Jay H & Ronnie C Year 2
Ruby K & Khloe T Year 3
Max L & Dakota C Year 4
Joshua B & Demi C Year 5
Evelia B & Hayden M Year 6
Connor S Hive

Our school councillors meet regularly with the Deputy Head to discuss current topics relating to the school. They represent their class’ opinions and contribute to school decisions in order to enhance equality of opportunity.

HCAT Councillors

Name Year
Evelia B Year 6
Hayden M Year 6

Our HCAT councillors play a critical role in representing our school at Trust events and meetings. They celebrate Dorchester across the wider network of HCAT schools and work with other HCAT councillors to organise events.

House Captains and Vice Captains:

Name House
Summer R (Captain) Wilberforce
Emanuel T (Vice-captain) Wilberforce
Corey S (Captain) Johnson
Faye H (Vice-captain) Johnson
Raymond S (Captain) Reckitt
Georgie P (Vice-captain) Reckitt
Ruby S (Captain) Sullivan
Daniel M (Vice-captain) Sullivan
Sienna M (Captain) Venn
Dominic C-D (Vice-captain) Venn

Our House captains and vice captains have been voted for by their peers. They lead the house and set the standard for other children to follow. They work with adult house leaders to plan ‘house’ assemblies and are responsible for promoting their house around the school.

Sports Leaders:

Our sports leaders organise and supervise activities for break and lunchtimes. They liaise with our PE leader to plan and deliver a range of activities to keep our children active throughout the day.


Our buddies are responsible for sorting any problems that occur and break and lunchtimes. They have been chosen for their good listening and problem solving skills. If children are unable to sort their own problems out, they can seek out a ‘buddy’ to help them. Buddies receive training in dealing with problems from our senior emotional well-being worker.

'At Dorchester, things are always fair'...

Pupil's comments

'We get the opportunity to make new friends'...

Pupil's comments

'Everyone is friendly and it’s a happy place'...

Pupil's comments

'We love dinner times – the dinner ladies make lovely food'...

Pupil's comments

'We like the teachers because they are really kind, smart, fair and helpful. They inspire us every day'...

Pupil's comments

'Every single person in the school is really friendly'...

Pupil's comments

'We learn something new every day and it’s really exciting and fun'...

Pupil's comments

'I like it when Mr Mills comes and says “Hello” '...

Pupil's comments

'Teachers make lessons fun'...

Pupil's comments

'I like how the teachers are very nice. Dorchester is special to me'...

Pupil's comments

'I like it when we are learning new things'...

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